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Head Wax Radio has a very distinctive sound and is operated by people who love great music.


Our mission is to bring you a more diverse selection of music genres than those on traditional mainstream radio. We play both classic and contemporary jazz, funk and soul tracks, as well as up-and-coming fresh new artists, bands and sounds. That's the music we like to hear and we hope you do too.


We launched this radio station to build a place that would bring people together through the great music that is played on air. A place or a home that could have an impact by connecting listeners to the music being featured, as well as discovering the music for the first time, both old & new, but possibly then buying it, even sharing this music through social media, and expanding all of this musical knowledge into ideas that might be used to form bands or other musical projects for possible recording work if you are that way interested.


Our goal is to help you build a larger and better understanding for these genres of music, this then helps to forge your own personal musical journey that will leave a lasting impression on you, and we thank you for being on this journey with us, and are excited to continue exploring this music together with you. 



Sending music to Head Wax Radio.

Attention Musicians, Bands and Record Companies:

We welcome submissions for possible inclusion on our playlist. Do send an MP3, or a download/streaming link, along with a biography and your contact details to and we will do our best to have you on air ASAP.

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